Dan Jensen

Software Engineer

San Jose, CA 95138


  • Languages: Java, C/C++, SQL, JavaScript/JQuery, Python
  • Markup: HTML/CSS, JSON, XML/schema
  • Protocols: HTTP, REST, SOAP
  • Java Tech: JDBC, Jersey/JAX-RS, JSP, Struts, JAXB, JNI, JUnit/TestNG, Hibernate
  • Platforms: UNIX/Linux, Windows, Mac



Software Engineer

Yahoo Small Business, Sunnyvale, CA
11 May 2015 – Present

Migrated, improved, and maintained the Yahoo Small Business platform using Java, C++, and SQL on Linux & FreeBSD.

  • Added new interfaces to C++-based database access library.
  • Created Java-based cookie creation/validation library.
  • Created Java-based, RESTful database access web service using Jersey/JAX-RS.
  • Deployed RESTful web services onto production systems (Tomcat, Jetty).
  • Decoded, processed, and migrated user data using MySQL triggers and procedures.
  • Wrote application monitoring scripts for integration with Sensu.

Tools: Eclipse IDE, Git/Hub, Maven, Jenkins


Signature Consultants @ ebay, San Jose, CA
April 2014 – 31 March 2015

  • Implemented a new version of the eBay “welcome new user” email.
  • Migrated several eBay emails to a new platform based on HTML/CSS, XML, and FreeMarker.
  • Enhanced and modified email trigger and experimentation code in Java.
  • Resolved issues in existing emails.
  • Performed unit and integration testing of various eBay email features and fixes.

Tools: Eclipse IDE, ClearCase, Git/Hub, Maven


Beyondsoft @ Yahoo!, Sunnyvale, CA
February 2013 to March 2014

  • Ported two multiprocess, multithreaded C++-based localization frameworks to a Java-based web-service client, providing support for JSON, YAML, and XML data formats
  • Developed Java-based HTML text editor for bidirectional text (Arabic, etc.)
  • Improved web-based application configuration editor (Java)
  • Developed several mock web services for testing purposes
  • Tools: Maven, SVN, Eclipse IDE, JUnit, JMeter, JDB


Spirent Communications, Sunnyvale, CA
January 2010 to May 2012

Developed and maintained network testing software

  • Developed Java-based console for network device and application testing platform
  • Redesigned and implemented module for quick configuration of multi-protocol tests
  • Improved filtering and extraction of IPv4 and IPv6 packets
  • Tools: Ant, Perforce (version control), and IntelliJ IDEA & Eclipse IDEs


Motorola GTG, Santa Clara, CA
March 2008 to Present

Developed Good Administration Center handheld device management system.

  • Environment: Windows and Embedded Tomcat.
  • Technologies: AJAX, Javascript, Java, Struts, XML, XML Schema, JAXB, and Hibernate.
  • Tools: Java Beans, Ant, and Perforce.


Cranite Systems, Los Gatos, CA
July 2005 to December 2008

Lead Java developer for two wireless security systems. Developed Web services using J2EE, HTML, and Struts. Researched LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory and DNS, then developed an advanced directory access library that uses DNS and JNDI to discover and access directory services.


US Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA
January to May, 2005

Enhanced and maintained the National Map Viewer. Provided analysis and development for transition to schema-based XML binding for Java servlet code. Redesigned servlet code to dynamically bind old and new XML bindings. Made server logging customizable. Added user history facility to client-side JavaScript. Transformed client UI customization code from procedures and arrays to objects. Made several incremental UI modifications.


Kaweah, San Jose, CA
1995 to 2004 (intermittent)

Developed dynamic Web-based maps, backed with a MySQL database by way of JSP and servlets, utilizing both conventional client-side image mapping and applet-based image maps with additional mouse-over facilities.

Developed Web Map Service (WMS) based map viewer, using DHTML, JSP, servlets, and JavaScript, and backed with a MySQL database.

Designed, developed, and maintained web sites using JavaScript, XHTML, Java, JSP, servlets, JDBC, and SQL.

Made major enhancements to Kaweah’s Night Sky desktop observatory.

Developed Astral Café open-source java astronomy software, capable of running in both stand-alone and client-server modes.

Redesigned and upgraded water treatment databases for Yosemite National Park.

Developed popular Night Sky planetarium. Features deep sky objects, planets, moon, visual effects, multiple projections, views from other star systems, and screens facilitate the design of custom constellations.


ActivCard (now HID Global), Fremont, CA
2000 to 2002

JavaBadge project technical lead. Developed client and server smart card management software using Java, JSP, XML, HTML, and C on Windows and UNIX. Worked directly with customer (Sun), partner (Citicorp), and internal product and QA groups to revise long and short term development strategies.

Developed Java components for smart card management product.


Raytheon @ NASA Ames Research Center, CA
1997 to 2000

Developed secure CGI programs in Java for use with secure web proxies.

Developed object-oriented 3-D font library with Visual C++ and OpenGL.

Wrote test plans, matrices, and reports for NASA PKI rollout. Organized tests. Directed exploratory testing. Localized problems. Determined strategies for problem resolution.

Developed S/MIME secure email plug-ins for Eudora for Mac and Windows (C++, MFC). Product commercialized by Entrust Technologies. Received two NASA awards.


Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA
1996 to 1997

Designed and developed automated black-box tools for testing system APIs. Reviewed test tool designs of fellow developers.



US Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA
1994 to 1995

Managed a network of Sun and Data General workstations, X-terminals, Macs, PCs, and specialized peripherals. Ported NCSA web server software to Solaris. Managed ESRI ArcInfo and ArcView software. Maintained, installed, and configured servers. Developed CGI scripts.


Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA
1992 to 1994

Wrote drivers in Assembly and C for analog-digital converters, robot arms, multi-function digital oscillator chips, ports, terminals, and other devices.

Ported two embedded operating systems from Assembly to C.

Developed a relational database for the IEEE Computer Society that features automated queries and reports (using DDE).

Analyzed and enhanced fractal image compression algorithm (coded in C).

Developed a 3-D flight simulator on SGI with C++ and GL. The objects (jets, helicopters, and tanks), are simple to replicate, and can be fully controlled by user or computer.


Yosemite National Park, California
1991 to 1992

Developed the park’s networked fuel tank monitoring database that involves multiple relations, record-level locks, reporting, and statistical analysis.

Designed the park’s water treatment monitoring databases.



MS, Client/Server Engineering, San Jose State University


Coursework in Java, J2EE, EJB (Web Logic), SQL, and CORBA. GPA: 3.74

Thesis research involved Visual C++, MFC, CORBA, XML, and SOAP.

BS, Mathematics, University of South Carolina




  • Research published in Journal of Software Practice and Experience (2002)
  • NASA award for deployment of public key infrastructure (2000)
  • NASA award for development of cryptographic email modules (1998)
  • Certificate of Achievement, IEEE Computer Society, for database development (1994)




  • Math & Science TeacherSan Jose, CA2003
  • Experimental Physics InternFermilab (Fermi Nat’l Accelerator Laboratory)Batavia, IL1989