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    hawrd strack


    I just started thinking. Is it possible for a person to develop their subconscious and conscious mind so far, that he has no fear whatsoever, in any situation, at any time, from any thing.
    I mean, fear is there for a reason. Fear is perception of danger. If you have no perception of danger, you can get yourself in lots of trouble, but the cool factor makes up for it. I mean – wouldn’t it be cool if you could stand in front of a guy holding gun to your hand and just be calm and cool like that and just think rationally what is the best thing to do right now. Even if you get shot, you still be cool.
    I mean, I have lost lots of fears over time and am getting more confident and confident with each and every day. I track my dreams and notice that what I used to fear in dreams, now I do not anymore. If I encounter a problem in the dream, I am find a solution, destroy the problem. I have programmed my subconscious to do this and I wrote about it in another thread.
    But I still wonder, if I could keep only my rational mind, only my logical thoughts and get rid of any negative emotions (I have almost achieved it) and get rid of most important negative emotion – FEAR. Has anyone ever done this before? Are there accounts of people who have had no fear at all? Did they die soon?
    I know that the pilot who landed the plane in USA in the river, had this “coolness” gene, which basically lets you be cool and calm in stressful stations where other people freak out. Scientists even did a study on it.
    But since I do not have this gene (I have been stressful in the past, since I started developing myself)…would it be possible for me to develop this kind of attitude to life and even beyond it?
    I guess the real question is – is it possible to deprogram your mind, hypnotize yourself, overcome your natural instincts?

    Please help.

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