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Grandpa Sjostrand’s ancestors, the Sjostrands and the Norlands, were from western Sweden, mostly near Sveg, in the county Härjedalen.

Härjedalen is one of the most remote, alpine areas in Sweden. Lapps, the reindeer people of the far North, are well-established in Härjedalen.

See the Härjedalen tourist brochure to get a feel for what Härjedalen has to offer.

Today, Härjedalen is the southernmost district of Jämtland. Both Härjedalen and Jämtland were formerly separate districts within Norway, at a time when Norway was united with Denmark. The two regions came under Swedish control about 360 years ago.

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The Andersons, from whom we derive 1/4 of our Swedish heritage, came from  Dalarne, well South of Härjedalen. The Andersons and Norland appear to have met in Wisconsin or Minnesota, but they may have followed similar courses once in America. Ole Norland and his wife Sofie Anderson had Anderson neighbors in Kittson County, Minnesota.


Origin of the Sjostrand name