This is the future home of the Jensen and Donlin family stories index.

Jensen Roots

Dan’s Grandparents:

  • Rasmus Jensen was an orphaned bastard, a gardener, an immigrant, and a diabetic milkman.
  • Jennie MacNeil was an excommunicated illegal alien highlander from Nova Scotia.
  • John Sjostrand was a 2nd-generation Swedish-American from just south of Canada.
  • Cora Johnston was a Northern Plains girl who looked after a dozen younger siblings.

… they all settled in California.

Donlin Roots

Carolyn’s Grandparents:

  • Gene Donlin was a 2nd-generation Irish-American of the Northern Plains.
  • Mathilda Schaefer came to South Dakota from Westphalia, Germany as a young girl.
  • Harley Fulton was born in Indiana, raised in Kansas, and farmed the Great Plains.
  • Pearl Hullett was an independent, creative spirit from Larned, Kansas.

… they all settled in South Dakota.