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In Geologic Times

Not so long ago, I came upon Half Dome half done, shrouded in oak scaffolding. Squinting my eyes, I noted stocky little men on the network of hardwood toothpicks with rosy cheeks and beards like their bellies, some chiseling away at the granite, some polishing. Looking again at all that scaffolding, I recalled how spacious […]

Multiflush Environmentalism

If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s a first-generation low-flow toilet. It’s almost enough to make a Republican out of me.

Bagel Elitism

If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s an East Coast bagel snob.

California Smoking Ban Takes Effect

CHICO, CALIFORNIA. Millions of Californians finished off their last packs on Wednesday, on the eve of the day that the new statewide smoking ban is scheduled to take effect. As a consumer panic hit cigarette retailers throughout the state, the second-hand smoke rising from San Diego to Happy Camp could be seen from satellite.

Consuming Christmas

Full size (at Flickr) Originally uploaded by positano Santa has had to live with a bad rap for as long as I can remember. In spite of the best of intentions and centuries of selfless service, he has been made into a symbol of rampant consumerism. Nevertheless, those of us who know him know that […]