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Standing up for Our Constitution

Among the marriage rights rallies held on November 15, was the rally here in San Jose. It was heartening to see two thousand citizens—including the couples pictured here—stand up for equal rights and the integrity of our state constitution.

Honorary Homo

I was terribly nervous the night before election day. I had volunteered to work all day for the No-on-8 campaign. The training had been rather intimidating, and I was afraid that I might misrepresent the campaign. I might get sassy with some evangelical. Being straight and perhaps naive about what prejudice I might encounter, I […]

Evolution Embraced in Dixie

Cultural evolution will have to suffice for the present. The southern Atlantic seaboard is a remarkable sight to behold this morning. Barack Obama has demonstrated his broad appeal from the outskirts of DC, through the Carolinas and Georgia, all the way to Key West. This is certainly a sign of a broad nationwide appeal, largely […]

Bigots Need Your Dollars!

BIGOTS AGAINST LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS need your money! They are registered with the California Secretary of State as proponents of Proposition 8, but as of yet have received no funds!

No. 8 is No on 8

Steve Young remains a class act, and his wife Barbara rocks! Prop 8 R.I.P.! Steve Young’s Home Displays ‘No On 8’ Signs.

Marriage Against the Mob

Don’t let the mob insert discrimination into the California state constitution! California is a republic! Not an anarchistic mobocracy! Let’s defend our constitution! I attended a No on Prop 8 “visibility” activity at San Jose’s Diridon Station this morning, and was very disappointed in the turnout: three people, including me, and I’m not even gay! […]

Who’s Behind Prop 8 (other than the Mormons)

It’s no secret that Mormons are a tremendous force behind funding for the Yes on 8 Campaign. According to Mormons for Proposition 8, 46% of contributions to the campaign (about $10 million) have come from Mormons. But there are other major players. Of the ten principal contributors to the Prop 8 campaign, two are based […]

Prop 8: Making Government into God

The upcoming election will give Californians an opportunity to declare that we are dedicated to the core American principle of non-intervention of government in personal and spiritual affairs. My fellow Californians, let us not place spiritual vows in the domain of the state. This is not China or Soviet Russia. Strike down Proposition 8.

Religious Tolerance in Ancient Persia

The Vendidad is the Zoroastrian book of laws that was supposed to have been authored, if not written down, roughly around the time of Christ. The content, though, seems quite ancient. There is very little in the Vendidad that suggests that it was written for a civilized (urban) people, or even a warring people; yet, […]

Multiflush Environmentalism

If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s a first-generation low-flow toilet. It’s almost enough to make a Republican out of me.