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Extracurricular Education

The field trips available to elementary school pupils of Slough City featured visits to Forestierie Underground Gardens and Roeding Park in Fresno, and closer to home, Fort Roosevelt, Cross Creek Dairy, and the naval air station. The underground gardens featured a house that a man had dug out of the valley floor after realizing that […]

A Night at the Hacienda

One hot night, later in the Armenian summer of 4465, the Adroushans were watching TV before bed. The windows of the house were open to prevent the house from functioning as an oven. The Adroushans heard shouts outside that rose above the TV laugh track. Armen ran out to see what was going on. He […]

A Weekend in Glendale

Not long after the toaster incident, the Adroushans paid a visit to Siran’s parents, who lived down in Glendale. Candles were lit throughout the Mehranian home, so Cindy hugged her grandparents and wasted no time in finding a flame-free corner of the den. She sat in an old easy chair, under the unflickering yellow light […]

In the Heat of the Kitchen

Cindy’s parents dreaded those inevitable occasions when fire would assert its ascendancy, such as it did on the day the toaster shorted out and ignited. Cindy saw the flames. She retreated through the nearest doorway and watched her mother suffocate the fire with a stack of hand towels. Afterward, Cindy saw the scorched bread. She […]

Wild Kingdom

The toads crawled like commandos across the Sink, under cover of darkness, reaching out to the left and right on their cold and clammy-white bellies. Unnoticed, they slipped past the cantaloupe and corn and parsley. One toad would silently drop into a trench, then another would fall into a vertical shaft; one not knowing the […]

Harvest Ball

On odd Sundays, the Adroushans would drive up to Fresno, attend church services with Grandma and Grandpa Adroushan, and then spend the afternoon at Garegin’s boyhood home. They visited Siran’s mother and father much less often, as the Mehranian grands had moved to Glendale shortly after Siran had earned her degree. Whereas the kids just […]

The Water Project

One hot day in early 4465, just before Cindy entered kindergarten, a new canal was completed that would bring water to the west side of the Sink. It was a great day for farming the Sink; a historic day. Garegin Adroushan, being a history teacher, was quite aware of the significance of the event. On […]


When she was about age five, Cindy began to grow visibly uncomfortable indoors. The whole thing started somewhat innocuously with a minor burn. At the time, her parents were amused at how well she learned the lesson of the stovetop. Her brother Armen, they’d recalled, had forgotten the lesson by suppertime; in fact, they weren’t […]


The white cones of Ararat and Little Ararat cut into a blue Armenian sky, suspended in time on the wall above Cindy Adroushan’s bed. There she lay silent and warm under her grandmother’s coverlet of Armenian lace and her mother’s shadow, the soft light from the hallway drawn out in a folded and warped ribbon […]

Barren Island

Our world has long been regarded as two; one named East and the other named West. Between these worlds is a narrow passage that consists of two channels, called Bosporus and Dardanelles, where Constantine’s ancient fortress of Istanbul guards the narrow gap between the two realms. This, too, is the site of Troy, and also […]