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Hotel Jericho

Old Jacksonboro Road crosses the Savannah Highway within a half hour of Charleston. The junction has a name: Jericho. Today it is considered part of the town of Adams Run (as though you know where that is).   As far as I know, Jericho was once the site of a hotel, a store with gas […]

(small world)

The universe seems to be Very big, and who’s to say   it’s alone. Somewhere out there,   someone is just like you. Somewhere out there, Someone just like you   is walking With someone like me. Maybe they aren’t that   far from here. © 2013–14 Kaweah  

The Peace-Loving Elements

The cataract grinds away the granite But water only wants to find a low place And take the form of its container, Conform to make its peace. Earth falls too— Crashes down on itself Till the land is level, At peace. The wind blows savage over the plain, Falls from ridge to trough and The […]


They breathe only what can be inhaled from others. That is their way. When you had no more air for them, their memory of you was a bible. They buried the book and mourned it as you lay breathless, solitary, according to their law. They encircled their book, emitting weeping sounds, embalming it with rose […]

Meeting Minutes

A fool question, but a safe one, he figures. Wouldn’t want to give her the wrong idea—or worse yet, the right one. “San Paulo,” she answers, as if he were there, not lost somewhere between the eyes and mouth, where it can be hard to hear anything. ”That somewhere near Ipanema?,” he wonders—aloud, and she laughs, […]

Jeffers and Fire

Here’s the presentation that I delivered (in part, having run out of time) at the 20th conference of the Robinson Jeffers Association in Carmel, California on February 16, 2014. It might interest anyone into Robinson Jeffers, the Central Coast of California, fire, Moby-Dick, Heraclitus, Zoroastrianism, etc. Fire as God in the Poetry of Robinson Jeffers […]

Cape Horn

Ahab found his madness     pulling ‘round Cape Horn, Bound down before his sirens—     howling Odysseus, There where the seas broke through Hyper-extended America, twin     imperialists Who’d fain stretch themselves thin     as Panama, Pole to pole to barricade Magellanic     man. But Patagonia stretched too thin, and the waters     broke the Andean spine, and the cold blood […]


Take the bodies of the land and the sea. Grind them together for thirty million     summers and something’s bound to chip off. Look. Not even the heart is left     unscathed; hunks of Sierran granite spilled up and down the coast; the continent’s bones scattered across the exposed sea floor from Bodega Head and Point Reyes […]


When it began, in the old land, Ararat and the noor seed, and the night skin Cracked, and the sun slipped through, Fat pomegranate boiling up with red arils In thousands, and a little snow on the greater cone Thawed and watered the seed that through March And June became the noor tree. A breeze […]

Original Sin

To the poet Robinson Jeffers, the eagle is a symbol of something like divine consciousness. Man, in contrast, is more like an inauspicious microbe. Man and eagle do have this in common: they both use fire. This is obvious in the case of man. For Jeffers, the eagle is an opportunist, seeking game and carrion […]